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More Magical Than Believing

Do You Believe in Magic?   -  The Lovin' Spoonful (1965)

Steve Coerper

Lots has been said and written about believing, visualizing, etc.  I’ve written a few things on it myself.  But I’ve found something even more powerful:  The Magic of Doing.

Contrary to the strong suggestion in items such as The Secret, there is no Santa Claus or magic genie who delivers whatever you wish for, if you just wish hard enough.  The fact of the universe is that faith without works is dead.  Yes, you must have a core belief in your own ability to become successful, but you must also take action.

There’s a very easy way to do this.  First, do what’s referred to as a “brain dump.”  Write a list of all the stuff on your mental To Do list.  When it’s on your list, you don’t have to worry about forgetting something important.  Second, cull out all the items on your list that will lead directly toward achieving the success you want.  Put all these items on a second list as you remove them from the first one.  Finally, identify the most unpleasant item on your second list and take care of it.  Immediately.

Following these three steps will do more toward realizing your goal than all the wishing, visualizing and believing you could do in a lifetime.  You probably know lots of dreamers and hopers, or folks whose continual lament begins, “If only ….” followed by descriptions of actions they could have taken in the past.  It’s time for you to leave their ranks.  Have a dream, set a goal, then take a step.  “When you wish upon a star” may work in Disney’s Fantasyland, but it does not work in the real world.


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The author is a transition and self esteem coach living in Raleigh, North-Carolina.